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Whether it’s white label consulting, distribution or branding, at Wellacy Labs we have a proven track record of infusing, developing and manufacturing top-quality products for our clients using the purest, most natural ingredients. Whether you’re in the cosmetics, CBD, vapes or supplements industry, we offer a broad range of white label manufacturing solutions to help you grow and scale.  

Completely Custom Formulations

From conception to the end product, we can come up with the most basic or advanced formulations to suit your individual requirements. We’re committed to providing our customers with the utmost quality and confidence in their products, helping them gain exclusivity in a way which enhances their brands and makes them superior to their competitors’. 

The Best-quality Ingredients  

The finest materials and ingredients come directly from our trusted network of suppliers within the UK and around the world. We guarantee a level of quality consistency that few white label manufacturers are willing to provide.  

We have the technologies, expertise and facilities to help develop the most complex formulations and deliver them to market within the desired timeframe. Our experts will carefully note down your requirements to help you come up with a superior CBD product, cosmetic line or nutritional supplement. Whether you need them in oil, powder, capsule or tablet form, we will help you create your end product in an attractive finish and texture that’s completely natural and vegan. 

Comprehensive Testing  

We can produce tablets and capsules in a variety of shapes and sizes. Every custom formulation undergoes a rigorous testing and accreditation process to ensure that the end product meets the highest manufacturing standards and complies with all laws and regulations in your industry.

Completely Natural and Organic  

We are 100% committed to using natural and vegan ingredients only, unless required otherwise. Only the safest and finest quality products come out of our facilities with a customer service to match, giving your end users unparalleled confidence in the finished product.  


Custom Label

Being one of the UK’s largest white label manufacturer for cosmetics, supplements, vapes, CBD products and bulk goods production, we can help you build and develop your brand with bespoke, high-quality labelling.  

We provide labels for leading nutritional supplement brands and CBD oil brands across the UK and EU. Every product is manufactured according to BRC Global Standards and GMP Guidelines.  

Top-notch Quality to Elevate your Brand 

Work with us as your trusted cosmetic, supplement and CBD manufacturer, with quality labelling that is not only eye-pleasing but does a lot more than just sell your brand to both existing and new customers.  

Completely Bespoke Labelling  

Choose from a wide variety of labelling options. From bespoke supplement bottles to labels that instantly stand out on store shelves and e-commerce stores alike 

Bespoke Designs and Custom Artwork 

We understand that every brand is different as is the audience you are targeting. This is why we offer a bespoke label design which not only resonates with your brand guidelines but also aligns with your customer expectations. We’ll provide all the guidance necessary to ensure that the correct artwork is produced.  

At every step, you have full control over how your label is designed and produced. Our team is always on hand to take your valuable feedback and make changes as and when required.   


We’re at the forefront of leading manufacturing technology to help brands materialise renowned formulations. Our manufacturing facility is capable of producing over [number] tablets and [number] capsules, owing to our customers’ growing demands.  

State-of-the-art Facilities  

We’ve invested extensively into our manufacturing facilities, which allows us to remain flexible with the production process.  

Whether you need bottles and labels for your CBD brand, supplements and cosmetics or bulk manufacturing for both raw materials and finished products, we can help. We can bulk manufacture at least [number] tonnes of tablets and capsules each year.  

Cutting-edge Manufacturing Technologies 

Each one of our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the very latest in tablet compression and encapsulation technology. Product testing and benchmarking as well as blending, dispensary and packaging are done within our cleanroom facility.  

We continue to invest in improving our manufacturing equipment and technology to help cosmetics, supplement, vape and CBD brand owners enhance their packaging and labelling designs in multiple ways 

Leading Extraction Processes 

With CBD oil, topicals, capsules and edibles being one of our most popular product categories, we take painstaking measures to ensure that the extraction process is not marred by any industrial hump cultivation by-products.  

We are always extremely careful in ensuring that all CBD products do not undergo any harsh removal practices, which can often compromise the main compound’s integrity and purity. Every CBD product is produced from hemp-derived crystalline cannabinol, which is then isolated through supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and crystal participation.  

All internal systems and controls are closely monitored throughout the process, as we maintain complete transparency to ensure that your requirements are always front and centre.  

Owing to 50 years’ combined experience in the cannabis industry, we have set a benchmark for CBD innovation, compliance and regulation – offering our clients fantastic results which go well beyond their initial expectations.  


Wellacy Labs is the preferred choice for cosmetics, supplements and CBD brands all across the UK, EU and US. We offer a broad range of packaging and bottling options, all customised according to your requirements. We’re known as providers of cost-effective and innovative packaging options, helping your brand stick out in amazing ways, whether you’re marketing it online or at a brick-and-mortar store.  

Bespoke Packaging Solutions only 

Each one of our supplement packaging solution is bespoke to your requirements and with our capacity to produce more than [number] bottles each day, we can help you meet all requirements for packaging either on a small-scale or bulk basis.  

Leading Packaging Facilities  

Our dedicated cleanrooms boast leading-class machinery which can count tablets, softgels and capsules with pinpoint accuracy before seamlessly loading them into supplement bottles. Each cleanroom has integrated systems, including dedicated bottle counting, heat sealing, closure and labelling systems. 

Owing to our persistent investments in state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we can meet both low and high volume demands, while continuing to uphold impressive lead times.  

Extensive Range of Labelling 

As our client base continues to expand, we provide cosmetic, supplement, vaping and bulk production packaging solutions to ensure that your exact products and applications are met every time. Through our value proposition, we can integrate a wide variety of shapes, materials, sizes, colours and supplement labelling for your products.  

No matter what kind of batch size you require, you can count on us to provide a fast, cost-effective and efficient solution, without any fulfillment limitations.  

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